Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2016

Old Foundations~by Karen King



Old Foundations

Their love was built on old foundations,
That went darkly, deeply into the ground.
For many miles.
The blood colour of the earth
Was the echoing of when they hurt
Each other or their hearts bled
From misunderstandings
And vulnerability.
Sometimes stones guided the way
In pathways in the subterranean world.
Sometimes stones stopped
When they reached dead ends
And had to turn around and start again.
Yet, still their fires burned,
Too hot to touch, like the molten
Of the earth’s crust.

Their love was built on old foundations
That sprung forth from the ground.
Sometimes new ideas formed,
Like tiny seedlings
Springing up from the earth.
New beginnings, fresh and alive.
Sometimes the new seedlings
Started to form healthy plants,
Green and full of life,
Sometimes they drooped,
As if needing water to stay alive.
Yet, always, they eventually grew
Strong and healthy and full of hope,
With ripe fruits ready to be picked.

Their love was built on old foundations
That reached high up into the sky.
Sometimes the sky was dark and cloudy,
Ominous and full of menace.
Yet, usually, the sky was bright,
Lit up by the sun
As the warmth and light touched them.
There was the odd scattered cloud,
Sobering snow,
Icy rain and whipping winds,
But they blew these away together
And turned to each other, smiling,
As they looked forward to
Brighter days ahead.

Their love was built on old foundations
And was anchored deep into the ground
From many previous lives
And many previous worlds.
It was full of life and full of hope,
Reaching far and wide
As it touched the souls around them.

Their love was built on old foundations,
Grounded in this life and previous lives,
Yet reaching into the spiritual planes
And towards the sun and stars,
Where the light drew them
To be better people

Karen King Copyright 8 April 2016

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