Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2016

Imagination or Real?~by Karen King



Imagination or Real?

Imagine you can visit other lands,
As you are guided by unseen hands,
Climbing higher and higher.
Halfway up, there is a hidden door,
Which children with magic cannot ignore.

If you find this in the tree trunk,
It will open, then close with a clunk,
Sealing you into another world.
Each time, will open your eyes
As you are delighted and surprised.

You watch the changing scene,
You wonder if it is just a dream,
As strange smoke surrounds you.
You have seen many different places
And constantly changing faces.

Sometimes the little people are in a bubble,
Sometimes they just want to cause trouble.
They are all so different, like your friends at school.
Sometimes dragons come, breathing fire,
You fly on their backs as they take you higher.

Sometimes a smell reaches your nose,
Wafting, temptingly, as it comes and goes.
Sometimes you try the tasty treats.
These magical worlds are like new homes,
Where you belong and are never alone.

Melodious music reaches your ears,
Leaving you happy and with no fear.
In these worlds, you know you are safe.
It’s as if everything you touch turns to gold
It’s all so beautiful, or so I am told.

I believe that all you see is real,
From what you say and how you feel.
It is up to the children to decide.
I believe we are not the only ones,
We are all different under the same sun.

Karen King Copyright 9 April 2016

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