Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2016

LOVE & ICE-CREAM II~by Tukur Loba Ridwan




Wherever this earth conceals you
To draw such a distance between us
I write you this note once again…
May my words surmount the hurdles
Of a million miles; swim along seas
And cross plateaus of obstruction
And be lifted by the wings of my quest
Like aves, flying to reach you…
Can my zest ever tell
If this would be the last time?
In your heart secretes the sweetness
That has embellished the charm,
Valor and color that adorns the being
That clothes you, and draws my soul nearer
Within our magnetic field of attraction.
Now that I have known what your tongue
Dictates your heart to crave for, I declare
My appetite for you as well. Insatiable
My yearning would always be, equating
The degree of your fondness for scoops.
Underrate not my love, for these words
Are not the cheap pennies to purchase
Those scoops in multitudes, or plenitude.
My love for a princess – yes, you,
Outweighs the scale of your heart,
By the creative craft of my poesy.
My love is a kind – best of its kind,
Because it is kind enough to kindle
Your kind with my kind of poetry…
When I symbolize my expression
With an imagery that portrays well
The sweetness of scoops on your tongue
When you salivate to the flavor
Of my dictions in their metaphorical
Conveyance of my thoughts about you.
I just need you to be kind enough
To kindle my kind, with your affection
When you become the sweet scoop
And I remain the crunchy cone
To sit you with comfort and care
Until the jaws of love and romance
Devour me and you with soft pressure,
Like the texture of an ice-cream.
© 2015
All Rights Reserved.

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