Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2016

Many moons ago~by Nutan Sarawagi



Many moons ago

Memories of the distant past
many many moons ago
about half way down the past
just reminiscing of an old past
as they put our lives in place
in the quarantine of the mind
to refresh our mind of a time
shared in time
when we were happy just to be
but now long for the time
that was just not ours to be
to be put behind
it is best not to see

yet we yearn for old times
which we still want to see
why can’t we put our past
behind all our other pasts
and live in those memories
of a time gone past
to lay our mind to rest
when we felt no unrest
we were happy just to be
as happy as could be
someone please bring the past
I want to live in my past
where there is no life’s turn
just one life to learn
now I die a hundred deaths
when will my mind give me a rest
I am broken as you can see
just tired of complaining to me
as can ever be
not complaining to life anymore
to be at be with me

Oh ! give me a home far away from home
where I can be just be me as I just want to be
where nobody tells me how
I’m just the only ‘wow ‘
where everything comes to rest
where life knows no stress
take me to that world
where I will live alone
alone live with myself
where there is nobody to disown

I m tired of this life
I want to lay my arms to rest
will someone help me
coz I just want to be
to be with myself
to be at peace and rest with only
where I just wanna be alone
the times I had shared with me
once upon a time alone
that time was mine.. my own

I didn’t know no any other own
when I was at peace with myself
where my world was mine to rest
I want to go back to that ..where I was born to be free
of all life’s trapping trapping me
someone put me to rest as you think best
I m tired of my life.. I just want to be..with me
just me …me in me…as I see me
I won’t have it any other way
for in my life I just want me
the me I always knew
that I always wanted to be
someone please can you find that me for me
that me I always loved ..still lurking within me
that me I have lost somewhere along the way
that me who always wanted to play with me
in a time gone by when she was just me
now my me is lost to me
I can’t find her within myself
taken away from me

in a time that is not mine
was never meant for me
someone please give me back
my time I owned
I owe it to just me
I had borrowed it for myself
from me..for me
in the hope of returning it to me

but how time just flies with all it’s might
there is no returning the time of life
where everything stood back
where time was just for me
to be in me
my time in me
in the time gone by
just for me
only me

can you return that time
in that time I still exist
It belonged to return to me
my memories old and new as they stood by me they desert me
I just don’t know why?
like an endangered species
whose time is running out
afraid of me..running away from me
it just doesn’t want to stay
won’t you say goodbye just to give me a high
of a time which was lost
that was just for me
as I churn my thoughts in thoughts of you
of the days gone by..when I just existed in you
in you to live..for you were my life
my very own to times of distress

I knew no other I have to learn
to deal with it’s every turn
with people unknown I have grown up with
a far cry from my own.. from what I had known
I am afraid they will now resent me
as time has gone a time..I had known..they had known
a time I wish goodbye… to a time I have known
in me that time it’s awaken me
to take me to another day far away from me
to the time..I had in a time.. that stood still for me
in which I was never alone hug myself
to be just as I always wanted to be

now I look at that time ..with nostalgia in my mind
of a time that was me..just my time..just for me
take me to that time …that time ..was me
in my time time holding out to me
to wrap me around me time
in which to be only my time ..mine
it just existed for me ..give me back my time..
I hold dear to me
you can’t take it away
as if you ..have just stopped existing for me
you owe me back..oh time
in a time that I trusted to my fullest
in a time of you

and now YOU TIME ME…WHY?
In a time which may just stop
to take me away ..with you in rest
where you never stop that time
where only you and I exist
where time just does not stop
take me away to that time
where I can just be with you
to rest within you…in my time of you
to be with you
to be you
in you
to be once again

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