Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2016

Enjoy the momemt’s bliss.~by Lopamudra Mishra

Inspired by honourable Poet Ron DuBour


Enjoy the momemt’s bliss.

The present we live,past gone and future unseen,
Still we grieve lifelong,
For never ending wants,
To thrive upon,
Never thankful for moment’s bliss,
Just tangled in the past knots blamming our feets,
Life is single and beautiful as cream,
If you enjoy every moment of it weaving beautiful thoughts and creative chips,
It will fill our lives with abundance peace,
Sip the nature’s beauty through your creative eye,
Wet yourselves in nature’s melodious tune,,Feel the beauty in your spoon,
Waive the negative boon with smile ,just feel the wonderful spark for a while,
Let we enjoy the swinging leaves,cool breeze,innocence of kids,
Dog’swagging tails,roaring sea,snowing chill openning our blocked grill,
Life will be more pleasantsome than it seems,
Problems will vanish seeing our smiling cheeks,Be thankful to life as it is,
One thing we must do ,enlighten ourselves with wise say,
Never cry for spill milk,
Try to add essence in fresh milk to get a better flavor.

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