Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2016

” revival “~by Raj Babu Gandham



” revival “

Why did I love ?

I gave you all
Nothing I, kept
For me.

From the days we met
You made me wait.

No promises you make
No oaths you took
No deeds you did.

Held by my hand
You walked along.

You told me a lot
Talked about more
What life is all
What truth is about.

Never you touched me
While my lips quiver
My steps falter
My eyes rain.

You stood by me
Gave me your strength
Guided my strides
On walk of my life

I grew in strengths
Day in and day
You came to me, and
Told about love.

Your love is beyond, the
Wants and desires
I know now, even
You can ask my
Tears ,
They know all.

My pain in pregnant
My wails are silent.

I seized
My breath.

You come
To me.

For my

~ yathi.rajbabu
Copyright@author rajbabug10apr14 1056


  1. Wonderful poem!

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