Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2016

“The little things you do daily ~by Sandra Regina Viana



“The little things you do daily

“The little things you do daily – like smile at a stranger or greet someone – the approach of their spiritual truth and purity of her soul.
(Deepak Chopra)
People expect that their days have made large, so that she can feel accomplished. To consider their valid days.
“My day is being so bland …”
No, it’s not your day is without charm. You that without realizing it, is losing all the charm of your life. To always wait for big events each day, not all realize greatness in the most simple and routine things always do ..
If you can not feel happy to greet someone with a simple “good morning” or “how are you”? It’s time to start to feel the pleasure as real and constant in our lives.
Have you ever felt joy to greet a stranger passing in the street?
To a person who suddenly appears in your day?
Not worth responding that no longer does this, that someone had not already responded to a greeting given its spontaneously.
It has happened several times to me. Already I greeted strangers, getting back its most complete indifference.
Suddenly he was one that also is waiting for a great event in its day, despised and found worthless a greeting that gave a single unknown.
I never gave up on my personal life to greet the next one went through my day. Strange or not, always I feel well to greet and welcome those who can find.
As a person who did not answer me, putting a face or sullen; I follow in my desire to take my day the best way possible.
Big events can happen to us, of course. Who waits for any in your life? This is perfectly acceptable and normal.
Never will be normal, neglect small actions in our lives due to this ideal.
Make great every little event in his day.
At the end of it, you can hardly say that your day was bland.
Our happiness with a demonstrated joy, always brings us closer to a true purity of our soul.
Who achieves this in life, for every new day that you receive as a gift, you never find that had a day “unsalted” .. .. without any color!
Your days will be so colorful and different as life itself.
Often just as only a simple: “beautiful life”!

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