Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2016

Come with Me~by Norman Wilson



Come with Me

There is emptiness in the river
It runs but is no longer free
Its wealth is only porous
Then it takes its riches to the sea

There are shadows along the brook
Blended in the tree leaves
Each shadow has its own story
Yet they keep their secrets from me

I walk through the rushing waters
A lonesome river without content
For all that lived once in the waters
Has been taken away without consent

Isolated in the rapture of beauty
Captured only by my ink from my pen
I write the wonders of an unyielding river
Vigorously splashing in turns and bends

Serpents rise in dreams of my ink
As I think of what ruled the river-stream
Where old river rats would spin their tales
Of a stream filled with whales from the sea

Come with me and we will go together
Where whirlpools spin under tangled skies
And whitecaps keep on rippling in the river
As the porous waters pass by

All rights reserved 04/02/16
Norman Francis


  1. great poem

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