Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2016

School Dinners.~by Karen King



School Dinners.

There is nothing like drowning your dinner in gravy,
for a dried up dinner makes you crazy.
A stodgy dinner slows you down and makes you lazy
and afternoon lessons become hazy.

Have lots of water, so it doesn’t stick in your throat
while your stomach starts to bloat.
The dinner ladies stand there and like to gloat,
while you want more gravy from the gravy boat.

Some children like it and go back for more,
for school dinners they really do adore.
I share mine and drop the rest on the floor,
for I really find them quite a bore!

School dinners, I offer them to the girls,
who think the meals will give them curls.
Custard on raspberry pudding I like to swirl.
Once I have eaten, the plate I twirl.

So, school dinners are really there to fill,
but do not give you much of a thrill.
They give my Mum a hefty bill,
while rubbing their hands in glee at the till.

Karen King Copyright 11 April 2016


  1. great poem

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