Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2016

Blinded by the Light~by Karen King



Blinded by the Light

I imagine you a big, burly man who has fun sparkling in your eyes, like a diamond.
Your eyes also sparkle with hope, but you are too frightened,
so you pull the shutters down,
when the hope becomes too blinding,
like the blinds to a window.
You are too frightened to hope
in case you become blinded by the light,
so you push it away, preferring semi-darkness.
That is what your mind wants.
Yet, your soul knows the truth, for it is full of laughter and life.
Your soul wants you to be happy again
and not lonely in the darkness,
falling back into your abyss when the Autumn comes.
It wants you to be happy and free
and cannot understand why
you hold back on the love of your life,
for it is young and always will be.
Your soul has a sense of humour and always bounces back,
like a ball.
Your soul wants you to bounce back into the rhythm of love.

Karen King Copyright 12 April 2016

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