Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2016

Honour Thy Father~by Norman Wilson



Honour Thy Father

I will leave this world unwhole
Tarnished with one regret
For words that were never spoken
Haunting me inside my head

I hear a child crying in dark of night
For words never said
Son I love you
As this boyish man lay on his death bed

Why does this still haunt me
Why does it tear at my soul
For I should honour my father
Instead it has filled my life full of holes

Never forgotten and never gone away
The heartache I have carried right to this day
Just to hear those words just to hear him say
Son I will love you, love you always

I pray that he will be there
When I pass through those gates
To meet me and greet me, to say
Son I have always loved you, I hope it is not to late

All rights reserved 04/05/16
Norman Francis


  1. Superb piece, though I can’t really relate to this piece

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