Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2016

Most beloved friend(s)~by Payal



Most beloved friend(s)

A suspended rhyme
irreconcilably alienated,
my most beloved friend(s),
forgotten long my father’s home,
visited once a moon
over the impaired memories of
deepening influences, advises and muses.

Pressed plants in leather-bound herbarium,
distil amazing essence from ordinary old pages,
incontestable routines of domestic life,
ceaseless poverty of content and chipper
almost recurring treeless and forbidden,
my parental grown gardens sold to some locals.

Commune alone with health and spirits,
carpets of marigolds and dyspepsia of bees,
inspire reverence as well as rebellion,
those cream painted walls restored by echoes
of two little tweens,
who lived with fervour as king and queen,
while both adults were away for a day.

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