Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2016

My First Date~by Aarti Mittal



My First Date

We got engaged in a typical Indian traditional style
Unknown to each other
Known just by images
That too seen unseen, though
We exchanged the rings with smile
Without pondering even for a while
It was decided by our mothers and fathers
Given by god

We looked at each other
Exchanged our smiles
Yet in expectation of rejection
The decision was taken
That we know each other
A meeting was placed
My very first date
Accompanied by
His and my brothers

I was trained by my friends
Given endless tips and
List of questions to ask
Try that his tips touch mine
And my hands touch his thine
To walk on sands
Hand in hand

Finally the D-Day arrived
I was chilled , nervous yet survived
I draped a saree yellow and black
Tucked with pins many and makeup at lack
We walked side by side
Not hands in hands
Talking in silence
At ease a pretence
Tips given by my friends
Were yelling in ears of me
If he did not then me touch he

But we walked and walked
Conversing with gazes and blushes and smiles
Till waters of the shores
On our feet made piles

Well that was a chance
Tides pushed me in his arms
As if blessed by sea
Lost in each other’s charms

He held me tight
By my waist and my hand
And lo a shock
He locked my lips with his
Before I could comfort myself
On the bed of sands….

Copyright @ Rita
April , 2016.

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