Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2016

She Sees at Night~by Norman Wilson



She Sees at Night

I hold her in my mind so tight
So please rest my sweet please rest tonight
For I will be here as your morning light
So sleep my baby, for I pray you sleep tight

I see her running through the wheat fields
Into the distance to a tranquil, clear stream
Flowing pass a field of sweet tasting corn
In a dream, to a cottage where she was born

It was I waiting on tenterhooks inside
Watching her frolic in dancing steps
For each step taken, I could not control my heart
As each step brought tears as we both slept

The sun shone down upon her face
As she stared wide eyed into space
As her blindness hides behind a false mask
A mask of happiness that I pray would last

Tortured souls all cross through the night
For her I pray she dances forever in the daylight
Drying away the tears from this night’s sleep
Inside the cottage by the stream past the pasture of sheep

Yet the morning will come and she shall awake
To the sounds of the crows sitting on the fence and gate
She will ask me honey how many crows out there
I will say many, so please come down the stairs

I will be her eyes throughout the day
As we revel together in days play
Then we will sleep once more in dark of night
Where she will see again in dreams of daylight

All rights reserved 04/12/16
Norman Erancis

I wrote this for my dear friend Lady Liz Browning

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