Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 13, 2016

All In One~by Melvina Germain



All In One

Share with me the beauty of our worlds life-Blessing
though Atlantis rests beneath the ocean,
it will never truly be left alone.
I’m the essence of the truest love,
the goddess of serenity born of our universal life giver.
I’m the ocean, the holy sea and the infinite flowing river
All miracles flow through me.
My womb is that golden sea,
Peace, love and light come together in tune.
I’m the lonely hoot of the owl,
the beautiful sound of the loon.
I’m the whistler, the drummer, the violinist, the piano,
the horn and flute.
I’m a soprano, a tenor and a bass singer too.
I’m a philosopher, an intellect, a story teller and more
I’m the light and the shadow that slips through every door.
I’m delicate in stature but mighty in mind
I’m a spirit that roams the world
undetected by the blind.
Unique…that’s all of me, we’re one of a kind,
I’m the figure that royal men adore,
searching for sexuality and love much more.
I may be taken by lunatics in darkness and rise to be a
Giant in light.
My life never sees an end,
I’m the water that flows in life’s
eternal river by the hand of the only life giver.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: April 13/2016

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