Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2016

Boy who lost everything~by Payal



Boy who lost everything

Sails not any heartbreak
upon any voluptuous wave,
neither can cure a vesuvian face,
a disciplined volcanic eruption,
ruthless and excited mother nature,
inch by inch powerful than the fire
that took away all he desired.

Sit on indignant papers,
gaping lesions teasing despondent,
entrenched chemicals of robust body
interoperable with slumped shoulders,
he pushes the hydraulic analogy,
attempts defeating deep death menace.

Anomaly of sexual behaviours assessed
and knocked in best waiter manners,
pronounced a verified trespass by those
yet green and meant not to shed leaves,
that anguish knows not those carefree
days, over and could not be recovered.

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