Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2016

Fires Brewing~by Norman Wilson



Fires Brewing

Fires now brewing and raging
In fray of thy own breasts
Where demons haunt within me
To the cries of consumption of my own unrest

I hear the cries rise from Dante’s inferno
To howl upon the winds of flames
To cutting sheets of metal falling
Where the petals of the crushed rose lay

Massive network of wires crawling
On roadside vines of lines
From hellholes potted in ancient ire
Weathering bones in primeval times

Yet I wane in the flames of burning fires
To the pandering of deluding myself
For I cannot reach the stars of heaven
From this shell that I call my cell

Clusters of pieces and puzzles scattered
Scattered amongst what slithered about
In one last fleeting instant without pity
Shuttling souls in the bonfires from hell

There forth lies the outlier amongst us
Stacked sheaf and sweet amid Dante’s blaze
So where lays the truth in the mist of
Wires and crushed petals in shallow graves

What rings of influence curses my spirit
In frame of Dante’s name ever reoccurring
Predatory to Lucifer’s hold upon dark souls
In what most would call quite disturbing

Unleash the titans of my peculiar desires
Pitted so deep within Satan’s den
So Dante may tempt me to the yonder
As I cross the inferno to my end

All rights reserved 04/01/16
Norman Francis

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