Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2016

My Wizard of Oz~by Karen King



My Wizard of Oz

You are my lion, my tinman, my scarecrow,
You already have courage, a heart, a brain.
You are my Wizard of Oz,
Yet you are not hiding behind the curtain,
Pretending you are bigger and better,
Projecting a large image
Of yourself onto a screen.

Winged monkeys, Winkie guards,
The Wicked Witch of the East,
Have all hampered our progress,
Yet the Witch, destroyed by water,
Like all evils, can be overcome.

Look to Dorothy’s
Lion, tinman and scarecrow.
All the courage, heart and brains
Are already inside you.

We do not need to travel to the Emerald city
To have our wishes granted,
For you are my wizard.
I could tap my red shoes three times
And say, “There’s no place like home”,
Yet I am already home with you.
We have our own path to follow,
A journey to take together
Where good witches and wishes
Love and guide us on our yellow brick road.

“Erotic Writes, Passionate Knights”
Venetia Venus Copyright 2015

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