Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2016

Childhood Memories~by Norman Wilson



Childhood Memories

There is a side of you I cannot see
A side that runs away and has to flee
Harkening back to a childhood of being unloved
From a family that could never give a hug

Can you dim your road warrior eyes for me
Long enough to let your heart run free
Can you just dawn up and dial a warm smile
So I can see it on your face for awhile

I want to take you back to the old apple tree
Where I knelt down on one knee
Asking you, would you marry me today
So I can show you my love in everyway

I told you I would capture the moon at night
Then put it in a glass bowl for its light
To let it shine upon your beauty of your soul
Allowing it to free your heart from the glass bowl

She said darling please let us go
To the tree where the apples grow
Therefore, we can renew the love we once had
Before the memories of a childhood made me sad

All rights reserved 04/10/16
Norman Francis

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