Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2016

I am a Peacock~by Karen King



I am a Peacock

I am a peacock on a golden path,
Brushing the stony walls,
A foot bath on my right,
Waiting for more humans to appear,
So I can spread my message.

Some humans come out of the grotto
And look at me.
“Keep back!”, I say.
They must stay to see my wonderful display.
I open all my eyes and startle them
With my beauty.
They stop, fenced in. Spellbound.
I twirl around,
Demon strating the beauty of nature.
Demanding attention.

Nature is precious and paramount,
For without the trees, plants and animals,
What would happen to the humans?
Have they even thought of that?
Have they stopped to think of anything
Other than themselves and their wants?

While I demon strate my divinity,
I see dark demons within them,
Battling with the good, God-like
Pure presence buried deep within.
I hope that we can all come together
To demonstrate divinity, beauty
And good within.
It is time for their demons to be released
And for us all to become one,
Trees, plants and animals.
It is time for them to look, listen and learn
Before it is too late.

Vincent King and Karen King Copyright 15 April 2016

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