Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2016

NIGHTS: Necessary Evils.~by Tukur Loba Ridwan



NIGHTS: Necessary Evils.

once upon a time,
in the middle of my daytime nap
when i was drowning in seas of sleep
i dreamt of this so-called sinister
in the identities of nights…
i had heard of it too…
a brother once spoke about nights…
another had spoken once more…
these sages of youthful ages
have continued to speak
and could speak more
of the shadows
of daylights…
nights are shadows of daylights…
and these shadows abandoned the day
at the time of the her adversity,
to animate a life for themselves
without traces of the light
that would provide homes for them
in times of need.
these nights are vain…
they would boast of their geniuses
in more than fifty shades of black
when the humble sun took
her luminous rays off-duty to find rest
like fatigued muscles
under the harshness of hectic hours.
i contemplate:
what have i, a mere night crawler,
to speak again,
in the innocent face of nature?
is it still the same sinister that cowers
behind the moon’s shield
to hail armies and arms of darkness
upon the earth, under the tutelage
of unassailable mysteries…
yet, remains the eyes of the law of nature
that is blindfolded
to evils borne of the evil;
whose hands are tied, with a scale on one hand
and a sword on the other?
is it still the same bully
that chases the day
into her insulation of depression?
while riding on the hunch-back
of grey clouds like fogs,
on the deserts of skies
that dim the sight of earth,
as a new reign – a tyrant…
and rain torrents of horror,
that eases his continual terror
and equally offering stars as walking sticks
to console the blinded earth…
is it still the same name given
to nature’s inertia?
when the eyelids of the daylight marry
only to copulate
into birthing the day’s slumber
as an avenue for nocturnal opportunists
in cloaks of hairs, furs, skins and scales…
and even feathers of formidable predators
and their deadliness
to pounce upon souls hopeful
of bright futures that the dawn would bring…
as there hopes more hope where lives life…
so, these predators have preyed upon hopes,
the same way nights have preyed upon days…
the night that i know
is just there to betray the day…
days should be wary next time,
else, nights would ambush…
nights are necessary evils.
© 2016
All Rights Reserved.

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