Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2016

The relief of forgiveness~by Sandra Regina Viana



The relief of forgiveness

The relief of forgiveness
Forgiving is balm on our wounded
It is to cultivate peace in our hearts
forgiver feel the inner light
not leaving humiliate the pain

have compassion on whom the wounded
because you also make mistakes and hurt
be a beacon to light
is a flame, a polar star

consent to hurt is to feel suffocation
in soul and body in a plaintive cry
Forgiving is calming and feel peace
is donating a pearl of salvation

Forgiving is not easy and consumes us
a pain that refuses to fall asleep
but remember Christ the Lord
to help us forget the heartache

Forgiveness a gift of love
a relief a balm in pain
wisdom in the act of forgiving
the lives that we can allay.


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