Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2016

War in me.~by Lopamudra Mishra



War in me.

This is not between you and me,
But with the people I feel closer of me,
They consider me unworthy or an entertainment piece,
But I am not the traditional women in this modern street,
Bound with tags to stay beside the male’s dummy tree,
My wings too poses energy to fly, dare courage to touch the bright sky,
You tie me with your possessive voice, authoritive rule,
Just to seek pleasure how a living soul cry being fool,
Today I speak louder ,just to make you feel I am proud of myself,
Not a weaker or simple goal, that can be targeted by sway,
I am a lovely soul with passion in me, culminating a desire to rise above my feet,
Search my security and identity in mad race ,
With a purpose to close my weak chapter of feminists in male’s space,
Like a con ,male play its fiery tune, to lure ladies in their flume, then,
Abusing in a dominant tone that you don’t know what’s going on?
Yes, I need a compassionate shoulder to share ,but not a dependant bridge to rest upon,
The war and tussle in me ,is making more determinant to move brave in this world of dominant human selves.

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