Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2016

Madonna of the Rocks~by Payal



Madonna of the Rocks

Delve into the renaissance world,
hurried eccentricity of a great artist,
choreographed highly as animosity
or canvases that stage themselves
as definitions of unfriendliness and
ungovernable details of entwined
necessity and difficulty dazzled in
a subversive art.

There could be nothing wrong in
the structure of substances as long
as intimate vectors of life– ‘seeing
and hearing’, do not get sadly askew.

Entitled are the opinions,
this conjecture that represents a
religious belief or a sleep closest
to death striving for a perfect poem
with asterisk marks on macabre series
of unsettled biodegradable papers.

Dumbfounded by the idea of controlling
access like the master Da Vinci,
I sometimes work hard on keeping my
sacred poems untitled,
but then I do not much like interpreted
litanies which seem like destruction of
my firm proximity- – silence,
sewn carefully with personal losses and
nervous collapses.

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