Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2016

Over the Rainbow~by Norman Wilson



Over the Rainbow

The snow is melting fast off the grass
Seeping gently in whispers to the stream
As the skies open up brightly
In harmony with natures springtime scene

Vibrantly and dazzlingly coming so cheerfully
Was the greed of dripping rain under the glow of sun
As I seek a little morning shelter in the helter-skelter
Until the blanketing rain until the storm is done

I see a rainbow pressed against a supple sky
Framed delicately against a heavenly blue
So gentle so soft so clear and bright
Reaching backwards then outwards to a grassy dew

There is a choice that comes before me
To run and leap within the puddles that lay
Covering the walkway tiled in black glowing magic
If I choose to run and leap on patches that are paved

On the other side of the coloured rainbow
Is the treasure of riches that I wishfully seek
So kind so caring and so tender is my love
Who is as sweet as a ripen Haven peach

I shall walk and leap through the puddles
I shall cross over the snow-melted stream
And I shall reach the end of the rainbow
To be with to hold to kiss my loving dream

All rights reserved 04/11/16
Norman Francis

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