Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2016

Smile~by Hana Shishiny




Smile my heart
When you look to the setting sun
Remnants of rays still showering
The ocean, with joyful paints and fun
Waves pregnant of rivers of tears
Billowing sadly, with anger and fears Ballading songs, rumbling in my ears
Memories, like the nature, leaden by stillness
Fearing the coming darkness mystery
Smile my heart. The moon wouldn’t be long to appear. ..

Love is like that shining sun
When rises, the world swings and dances
Spring pulsate in veins,
Ecstasy in your blood, runs
We live a foggy trance
Not knowing when night ends
And light comes
As in a wonderful living art
Touching endless skies, listening
to the chorus of our beating hearts..

But comes the day, when love sets
Like sun
Deserting your life of life. .of dreams
And fun
Your lonely soul will return.
with broken heart. With hidden wounds. .. ….and a Smile

by Hana Shishiny

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