Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2016





Don’t go blaming a woman for been insensitive
Wanting you around when you’ve got other plans in mind
Hanging out with friends while she stays in the house
She is but an angel only in bed at night

A woman is not a broom you keep in the house
A one night stand when broke and in need of a helping hand
She dare not nag because she is replaceable
Is this what a woman is called in today’s world beautiful?

Don’t treat a woman like she is but a rag
Disposable when she is no longer needed around
Remember a woman conceived you into this world
She gave away her comfort so you be adored

A woman needs love just like you do
When she is lonely at night, you need cuddle her all through
Say sweet words and take her out in your hand
She likes diamonds, but a man’s love is her genuine pride

When ever she is sad, do you try to make her smile?
When was the last time you bought her something really nice?
You’ve got to understand a woman you love don’t have a price tag?
The way you want to be treated, thus a woman in her heart

The next time you make her cry, please from your heart apologize
If truly you love your woman, you can make a little sacrifice
Be the stars in her life and never take her for a fool
Because a woman needs love just like you do

All right reserved © Akan E. Udofia 2016…/04/a-woman-needs-love.h…

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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