Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2016

Temptation~by Norman Wilson




She transformed before my eyes
In guise to satisfy
With appearance, that stirs thy soul
In pretext for what hearts and minds hold

Wishfully I try to reap
Reap the fruits for what my heart does seek
Joining me in loves breath
To bring her to my bed of woven threads

Strained are my morals in wisp of blight
A blight that knots thy bowels tight
To see her for what she could be
While in silent keep, she stays a mystery to me

Why do I run afoul to all the yielding signs
Why do I not know what brings me down
Could it be the whisper I like to hear
So sweet that fevers within my ears

Such temptation does spring from thy hope
Hope that turns lastly to hopelessness
As my life has become a tortured mess
For my heart and soul now lies inflicted in unrest

All rights reserved 04/16/16
Norman Francis

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