Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2016

#‎Hot_summer‬~by Lopamudra Mishra




Sun is in villain role,

Just dries up water from the ground hole,

The days so hot and sultry ,limits our boundary,

With in the four walls and covered scenery,

The wind hotter and unbearable during the day,

Air-conditioner has become a necessary,

But electric current acts the protagonist in this season’s gallery,

It takes rest according to its instruction from factory,

Watermellon in the roadside allures the walkers to quench their thirst with its juice n crunchy delivery,

Vegetables ‘s price soaring high,common man sqeezes their purse thinking its unnecessary,

Pulses becomes dearer everyday ,changes its place from staple to outof reach for common guy,

Market drapped with cotton fabrics,with vibrant colours and its branded tag sheet,,

Just to attract the buyers ,maniqueens display the lucrative fabric,

Looming malls,AC market and cinema hall are the popular spot for the rush,

Water park attracts with its new show,to gather more visitor at its door,

Evening are soother than the day with its fragrant breeze,

Gulmohar,Bouganvellia,Champa,Jasmine spreads its colour and fragrance to attacts every bees with prayers for its longer stay,
Ice-cream and colddrinks along with Lassi are the optional menu for the summer stricken mass,

Seasonal fruits lures the thristy hearts with its chilling taste,summer is also pleasant in its way,.


  1. Beautiful poem and picture.

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