Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2016

I Am Back~by Aarti Mittal

Inspired by Anita Sahoo


I Am Back

How can I forget that day
That hour that moment
That unexpectedly changed our lives
The day , the hour , the moment
We were waitng for
Before the unexpected happening
I was fluttering like a butterfly
Full of life
I prepared the entire chhappan bhog
Myself for you
My wrists jingling full of redgreen bangles you had given me
With long dangling earings and a thin chain
As you wished to see your bride dressed
And broad banded anklets
Withs small round tinkling bells as you like
My eyes impatiently waiting for you at the main door
I still hear that sound of your car’s horn
And the breaks
That raised the beat of my heart percolating deep in
With joy for a moment or two
But made me restless
When I din’t see you
I can still here the voice
That you left
Unwilling to meet me
I was shocked
With no land beneath my feet
Till today not able to understand the reason
It was the happiest day for my Di
As she found and got her love
And mine lost
Yess lost
But still this bridely dressed
Is waiting for her love
That would come one day
To unviel her viel
Dry het tears
And wet her dried lips
With unspoken words
Longing to be heard
Uncomplained and untold
Here I am back only for you….
Copyright @ Rita


  1. Painful and moving

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