Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2016

The Hands of Time~by Karen King



The Hands of Time

Stuck in Time

There are many hands in life
That we are dealt with.
Sometimes they become dusty,
Like the hands of a clock.
The hands of time become stuck.
As if they are stuck in time.
It’s almost as if the clock hands
Are going backwards
As you relive your old lives
Over and over again.
Like ground hog day.
You bring up the old pain,
The old wounds.
To what agenda?
What is the point?
What does it achieve?
Do you like wallowing in misery
And self-pity?
It is a good thing to sometimes
Revisit the past to think about
Our mistakes so we can learn from then
And ensure they are not repeated.
But, why be stuck,
Like the hands of a rusty, holey,
Broken, old clock?
What does it achieve?
It will relive the emotional pain
Until it lives in your body,
Never to be erased.
Your mind will suffer.
Your soul will suffer.
Your body will suffer.
Is this the way to live?
Does it make you happy?
Does it fill you with peace?

Start living today!

Try and find the joy of living.
Try and find the joy of being.
Try and find yourself again.
Let’s get that clock repaired.
New clock hands,
Or at least repair the old ones.
De-rust them, dust them,
Get them whirring around,
As your life starts to move again
In the right direction
And you start to live once more
As the hands of time
Bring your mind, body and soul
Together as one bringing you
Peace and love again.

“The Lost Poems” Karen King Copyright 2015

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