Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2016

Black-headed Gull~by Karen King



Black-headed Gull

I am a gull.
I fly on the edge of the sea
Where the froth fizzes
And the waves cast their waters
Over the sands.

I am a gull.
I fly over the coastline,
Shocked at the atrocities of man.
This world should be beautiful
And harmonious.
We should be as one,
United in love and acceptance.

I am a gull.
I watch from an ancient ruin,
As if protecting it’s history.
The myriad of colours and sounds
Rise up from below.
I send light to these people,
hoping to protect them
And wake them up to a better world.

I am a gull.
The palm trees wave in wonder,
Fantastic fruits are tantalisingly tempting,
But I must not get distracted.
My wings have travelled far
I have been visiting
This sea of war and strife for many months
Sending love and light to these people,
But I need help in creating a better world.

I am a gull.
My friends below suffer,
But are resilient.
Others friends along the coast
Seem safe and I hope this remains so.
I feel a spiritual connection,
But wonder if it’s my imagination,
Which leads me on fantastic flightpaths
Of mystery and pleasure.

I am a gull.
I am allowed to dream.
To be fabulously free.
I go wherever I want.
I do whatever I want,
Harming no one.
Perhaps humans should do this too?

“Nature Inspiration – Book One” Karen King Copyright 2015

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