Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2016

School Singing~by Karen King



School Singing

One of my worst times at school,
Was when we went into the hall.
We would sing hymns and I would squeak,
Like a tiny mouse playing hide and seek.
Sometimes I would give up and just mime,
Trying to move my lips at the right time.
Whatever I did, it never did sound right,
The children next to me must have had a fright.
How embarrassing when we had to share,
And they would pipe up without a care.
I would cringe and shuffle my shoes,
How to sing in tune, I had no clue.
I used to look around in despair,
Wishing that I wasn’t there.
Despite my praying, God did not seem to hear,
The assembly lingered on and I didn’t disappear!

Karen King Copyright 25 April 2016

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