Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2016

Sobrecarregues ~by Sandra Regina Viana




Sobrecarregues not your days with unnecessary concerns in order to not miss the opportunity to live with joy.
How many daily opportunities of thanksgiving and celebration are lost by our excessive or unnecessary worries.
Those faults always felt for what is not essential to our lives; to feel good in its fullness.
What lack of some objects, would be greater than, free and “miraculous” way, way all you have in your life available?
Walk to where you want to reach.
The smell that brings us to the world of fragrances.
Has hands with our touch, which can result in the lack of vision that does not have.
It has this wonderful vision that sees everything.
You have full and conscious for each new dawn.
What is real and most lack that still might have?
What day would be ideal to live?
What new faults follow feeling, for many days still lost?
No, the fault that always thinks you have.
But the absent gratitude of this sorry and anxious heart.
With all that excess claims, you do not realize all this gratitude

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