Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2016

“Stayin’ Alive”~by Karen King



“Stayin’ Alive”

I used to dance to stay alive,
It gave me hope, it gave me drive.
I used to end up out of time
And I would spoil the teacher’s line.
It was like a P.E. lesson,
But was an after school session.
We all danced to the Bee Gees
And joined in with their fantasies.
I enjoyed dancing to their beat,
Even though I stood on people’s feet.
Sometimes, I hit people in the face,
So uncoordinated – such a disgrace!
It was all worth it in the end,
The minor injuries could mend.
I never was sent out of the hall,
Although I would sometimes topple and fall.
The teacher could see I was trying my best,
There was no time to think or have a rest.
After several weeks went by,
I started to feel not so shy.
Within my body, there was the beat.
I followed it, despite the heat.
The teacher said I had come so far
And that I was her rising star.
Always remember to carry on,
To persevere and stay strong.
Because, despite standing on people’s toes,
To continue was my only way to grow.

Karen King Copyright 24 April 2016

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