Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2016

Cats~by Karen King




They bring us comfort, they bring us joy,
soft and warm, like a cuddly toy.
They are company and they care,
without them our houses would be bare
and empty without their love.
Sometimes pet and owner fit like a glove.
Members of the family, they fit right in,
whether quietly on our laps or making a din!
At times my cat only wants me for food,
this upsets me and puts me in a mood.
He jumps on tables and bites wires of the tank.
Torn flexes, broken lights, I have him to thank!
When my back’s turned, he jumps on the table.
He seems to think he lives in a stable!
But, without him, it would just be my Son and me,
it would be quiet without Whiskers stealing our tea!

“Poems for Humanity; Looking from the Side Lines”
Karen King Copyright 2015

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