Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2016

Breath of Thunder~by Norman Wilson



Breath of Thunder

I lack to breathe the breath of thunder
I sit just to think a lot and wonder
As I listen to the screech of the train
As the night brings on the morning rain

Hope and encouragement may awake
Awake for those that shall always take
Take away the hearts held behind
To make them break away the chains that bind

Bound in the darkest regions of our past
We shall break those chains that never last
As I now see her standing there
Out from the darkest shadows, everywhere

She is the pretty princess I do seek
With voice of thunder now I shall speak
In bigger tones that calls out her name
Come to me princess before the morning rain

Enduring such enduring, yearning
Grows within our two hearts turning
Turning the spoils that flowers in earth and soil
Simmering in our love forever boiling

Now the brakes on the train have stopped
Where I screech aloud my thoughts
For a love for her is so wondrously sweet
Forever kept within my heart to keep

All rights reserved 04/17/16
Norman Francis

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