Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2016

Daily missive for Tuesday the 27th of April.~ Mentalist.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 27th of April.

The joker in the pack
The nuisance
Without value
A stumbling block
To progress
A wrecker of dreams
The wettest blanket
The deepest pit
Of wallowing despair
That sucks
Everything down
Into a darkness
So dense
It suffocates
The light of
A million suns
Bleeds people dry
Takes all the fun
And colour
That rainbows life
And turns it grey
The cruel dictator
Proclaimed master
Self-defeating disaster
Generous soul
Everyone’s friend
The life of the party
Who maybe
Has a drink or two
And is a
Monster unleashed
A fretful sea
A tsunami
That pounds a cliff
We thought would
Last a thousand years
Until solid rocks crumble
Slip and tumble
Fall in a heap,
Powdered and dusted
A thin cover of dignity
To hide the jumble
Leaving nothing
But a depression
That will take no
Amount of filling.
As the ground
We walk upon
Shifts beneath our feet,
What was once
Before us
Is soon behind
And what we
Are left to carry
Will be the weight
We choose to bear.

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