Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2016

My silence~by Ziauddin Bulbul



My silence

I’m giving you my true love —
The flowers of my arbor, the butter flies;
Verdant shade of my woods and noon gleaming sun heat

I’m awarding you
the lovely green of my all artistic application
the endless blue of firmament
the floating clouds, green paddy fields;
and the early dawn of civics,
musical sounds of apathetic night,
the rhythmic pouring of rainfall
and wetted shadow of trot flower trees.

I’m presenting you my sweetheart
the collective estrus of birds
and on your palms
I’ve banked the valiantness of my periodic times.

You please give me
only your afresh leafy words
and two drops of eye-weep deposited on the forehead
of prehistoric age.

(Original in Bangla by Maleka Ferdous)
Transliteration Mine

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