Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2016

My sweetheart~by Ziauddin Bulbul



My sweetheart

I don’t know where are you and how you are
For a long time you keep yourself away from
Appearing here
Don’t know what pain caused you to do so
But my eyes remains awake and open only to see you
It was a fortnight you wished me a hearty morning
Since then I have been waiting
eagerly to have your essence
But strangely you remain absent
Just a year back from today you’d introduced yourself
To me relying on this virtual medium and advanced
The little meeting to such an extent from where
It’s impossible to get myself return or push afar
We traveled riding on the boat of messenger
Some trillions of words leaving to remember
By the flow of winds of our personal calendar
And today my love I’m feeling the unbearable weight
Of a stone pressing my heart
as you remain aloof and absent
From my touch
The moment we spent chatting day after day
Forgetting our existence of flesh and blood all way
I had and have belief that breaking the silence
At least in honour of the day of our first meeting
You would declare your lively presence
Wishing me a taunting hi
For which I would have to exhale a long sigh
And throwing me into the woven of pain
You would continue here and reign
But without talking to me you’d keep busy
With browsing page after page in the fb
And just before shutting down your own device
You come to me to bid me a dry good bye
Now today the day of our introduction
You didn’t arrive here for rejuvenation
Like the spark of fireflies you came and went
From my world seems though but you instilled
Into my vein since this day of last April
To you I may be an unimportant details, trivia
But for me you are the lustre of life a universal maya

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