Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2016

My White Troussers!!~by Lopamudra Mishra



My White Troussers!!

To my utter disbelief I found my darling white troussers in a horrible state,
I saw it torn into pieces ,not in a mending stage,
Now my hunt started for the cause behind,
Every sympathetic heart along with me searched for the clue,
Could only conclude that the troussers are the prey of naughty rat’s lucrative view,
My sinking heart ,lost with its memory,
Oh ! my darling white troussres,why you?
So attached to it ,I couldn’t gulp my lunch that day,
Mourning lasted for several days,as I missed its pleasure every day,
The cause behind is the pocket,where I keep my wallet,
Wallet filled with coins and currecy provides me strength in lonely morning’s sprited ride,,
My friends are envious for its wallet bearing capacity,
I feel proud of it thinking ”neighbours envy ,owner’s pride”,
Reason behind is the tea!!
That we take after finishing the long stride ,just to relax our bodies,
Near the tea vendor ,sipping the hot sweet flavour taking pleasure with cool breeze,
My pennyless friends eye on my pocket,
Thinking the troussers’ coin bearing capacity is enough for their party,
Then my proud hands would erase their doubts,
Declarling ‘let’s celebrate the day with cool party”,
The friendly vendor knowingly pours more tea than the due,
Our joy doubles then with cheers,Ahah! tasty morning tea,now let’s crack the day,
Oh! these are my memories now,I shared my grief to my friends,
They too mourned with me through out the day,
Saying why to this trousser no other on the way???

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