Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2016

First be alone.~by Sandra Regina Viana



First be alone.

First be alone.
First start enjoying yourself.
First love yourself.
The first being so authentically happy that if nobody comes, no matter; you are full, overflowing.
If no one knocks on your door, it’s okay –
You are not missing.
You are not waiting for someone to come and knock on the door.
You are at home.
If anyone comes, good, beautiful.
If no one comes, it is also good and beautiful
Then you can move to a relationship.
Now you move like a master, not as a beggar.
Now you move like an emperor, not a beggar.
And the person who lived in his loneliness will always be attracted to another person who is also living its beautifully loneliness, because it attracts the same.
When two masters meet – masters of your being, your solitude is not only -felicidade added: is multiplied.
It becomes a tremendous celebration of the phenomenon.
And they do not exploit each other ,, they share.
They do not use the other.
Instead, however,
both become A and
enjoy the life that

( Osho )

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