Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2016

I am not alive~by Aarti Mittal


Inspired by the words of Mandour Saleh Hikel sir


I am not alive

I am not alive
I died long ago
Its not me
Just love within me
Inhale and exhale
So I breathe in love
Breathe out love

I am affected by every one
And I affect everyone
Whether in tears
Or in smiles
M happy all the while
They say I am bias and partial
But I am not
I take pain for everyone
Whether mine or not
But there are few who pamper me
I feel blessed
They are not bounded
By borders
They just nurture me
And I bless them tenderly
With happiness
With will
Power and stregth
To war the any tempest
For survival
In the world loveless…..

Copyright @ Rita

Picture click : Micky Gupta sir

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