Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2016

Thoughtful Madeline~by Payal



Thoughtful Madeline

Sands edged into the deep seas,
placid times spent on surreal beaches,
startling white irises,
stoop a little,
crawling crabs with spiked moustaches,
rib-caged boats discovered in debris.

Sandals dragging slithered,
ungrouping mistaken ships from harbours.

Affixed brazenly addicted,
so much was fantasy and so
less was reality,
obeyed while little drunk and bemused,
transparent insubstantial glimpses.

Do not even get there,
what adage would you attempt about sea,
for who is paralysed by the sight of water,
all that twists and turns are not
foetal positions,
and all that bleeds and births
are not fluctuating women.

Sanitize any man and his imagination,
encounters ended in invitations,
an apprentice with infancy lost in
flimsy papers,
she sets fire to the reclusive suffering,
subjected once to progressive syllables
that morphed into encroaching mortality.

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