Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2016

cover my soul ~by Sandra Regina Viana



cover my soul

I want to cover my soul in aspic of your body. Perfect body, where the very morning to let languish, giving birth.
Cover your body lit voices of those of you feeds on dreams and profane sighs.
My soul thirsts designed light and heat manifest in you,
runs through the night avenues of when tired now rests in silent lap and an accomplice in an abandoned tree.
Adonis of my soul!
Wait for me in lavender on we penetrated.
Your face is the sun that no one sees. A sun. A sun as mine.
Kindness is the verb in your alabaster body and lavender.
Love is love to be born in you. Because babies at the origin of all things.
The night does not scare me! You are the sun of the night that covers me.
The tree itself in deference and awe rejuvenates.
No. I do not need to see you to rejoice and fill thee.
Of your love. Of your light. The tenderness that emanas … the sharpness of your breath … inside me.
My soul is you. You are the sun that makes me run in pristine and magnificent fields!
Adonis. Love …. light … sun.
Will you be always on me!

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