Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2016

Human Emancipation.~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Human Emancipation.

Dream of human,

The anchor,
Dropped at the shore of life,

The shore holds the anchor tight,
Let there be a tempest in the night,

Still uncertain dreams of life,
Struggle in strife,

When life understands the true meaning,
When life transforms itself to learning,

A sage is an eternal dreamer,
Unravelling the secrets of the salvation in the folder,

The mysteries of life wrapped inside the folder,
Unless you open, the mysteries elude the dreamer,

Human emancipation,
A Dream since inception,

Incepting at birth,
Deceptive by death,

Life is a false faith,
From birth till death an evasive wreathe,

Falsity eluding reality,
Reality misguided by falsity,

Illusions of dreams in a desert,
The elusive mirage hunt,

Still hope of the oasis,
Compels the thirsty traveller to chase,

The sight of the Oasis,
Solace in bliss,

(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 29/4/2016

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