Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2016

A Flight Of Gifted Imagination~by Hela Tekali



A Flight Of Gifted Imagination

The Sun and The Moon move around in circles
Like leaves gyrated slowly to the ground, passion soars
Love thrown out of eruped supervolcano
Gurgle in divine ecstasy and beauty,
And peacefully dive in peaceful felicity

The Sun is the source of love, light and heat
The rainbow waves heal the teary raindrops,
The sea beholds the eye of the beloved
And soothe her pain with effusive serenity

The stretching hand of the hearty sky
Takes me straight to the Land of my Dreams
Where Angels play with harps, flutes
Dancing joyfully
Under the gentle sound of the gushing streams

The soul is the music of the Universe
It divinizes the mind with wings of flying verse
A Flight Of Gifted Imagination
To dream beyond the sacred Earth

From Halos Of Light

Jenayah Hela
A Flight Of Gifted Imagination

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