Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2016

memories ~by Melvina Germain

A wee bit homesick this early morn…Something shared of back home in Nova Scotia…



So sweet the memories of back home in Nova Scotia.
Quite often a huge snowfall would cover our doorway and
We had to wait for Uncle Roy to come and shovel us out.
We laughed, jumped up and down, no school today, let’s play,
Let’s play. Long beautiful ice cycles form on the eves troughs
and if you listened closely you hear the tree branches crackle.
When one thinks of Nova Scotia, the tartan and bagpipes often
come to mind.

The Banks of Nova Scotia

Snow banks, build, build, build.
And children laugh instead of crying.
Such a long wait for Uncle to come,
and shovel a doorway clear for school.
Ice cycles fall and splinter down
Blue crystals sing an elegant song.
Branches crackle in the cold, cold wind;
O hear the hoopsnakes while they spin.
So sweet the sound of a crisp, cold night,
with bagpipes blowing,
celebrating the sight.

Written by: Melvina Germain

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