Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2016

Children of Insanity~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Children of Insanity

We are children of insanity
Believed in land of charity
Brainless Zombies walking slow
Infected by morality brought low

Tried to find honor with a name
Thought it made difference but remained the same.
We have dreamed of foreign illusion
Our minds crazed by worldly delusion

We are children of Insanity’s way
Our hearts weakened by life of dismay
We believed all the cliche they say
Our rightful progress we delay

We are blinded by love for self
Fed no one but our hungry self
Arranged like cartels our quarters
Settled ourselves with spurious partners

Desiring the conveniences of five star hotels
Ended up in bug and rat infected brothels
Became confused of where we stand
Where is wisdom to help us understand?

We are children of insanity
But should we remain in profanity
We still can wake up and unite
Our own selfishness to fight

Thank you
Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu
My response to your poem “We are fathers of insanity”

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