Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2016

a few moments?~by Sandra Regina Viana


a few moments?

Where can we reach
eternity a few moments?
Where can double
some curves in the time lines?
Reliving circular Intense love,
his gifts, fertility and joy.
Change imbalances, misunderstanding and agonies.
How many unnecessary mistakes?
The furtive glance to the corrosive tears.
How come no surprises
of maltreated and forgotten experiences?
To seal the non-meanings, deconstructions, fibromyalgia.
And finding in love, peace, humanity
new, happy and sweeping epidemics.
So that in!
The door of life is open and invites,
people with courage to risk,
to laugh, cry, work, struggle, love,
be heard or misunderstood,
get attention or suffer a disappointment,
be loved or lost in a passion,
life calls attention …
Life offers many possibilities,
even for those who already ñ believes in nothing,
there will always be something new under the sun,
one thread of hope that can take you to paradise,
a new opportunity to be and grow.
Only ñ worth being afraid of yourself,
ñ just better not to know, to respect ñ.
Have to catch all the experiences,
good and bad, sweet and bitter,
and put in the great melting pot of soul,
to understand what matters and what ñ worth it.
So, you will need a compass,
which will indicate its north, its direction,
n have the time or age,
towards the realization of their dreams,
towards happiness.
Believe in life, believe in you
That when our legs are tired,
We can walk with the strength that exists in our heart. That when our hearts are tired, we can still move forward with the power of faith!
( . /\_ /\
.) >^,^<
✿•*´¯`✿✿•*´¯`✿Sandra Regina Viana✿•*´¯`✿✿•*´¯`✿

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